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Experience™ Hair Care Product Line

In 2007 Frank Petrella, stylist and owner of several hair salons, spawned the Experience™ line of organic, vegan and harsh chemical free hair care products.

As a father of five children, Frank felt a responsibility to contribute to a healthier planet for future generations as well as provide a superior brand of products for his clientele.

Free Of Harsh and Potentially Dangerous Chemicals

Something that is very important to the makers of Experience™ is making sure that consumers are aware of what may seem to many to be deceptive practices concerning the disclosure of harmful, toxic chemicals in product ingredient lists.

Many cosmetic raw materials are preserved with objectionable preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde. These ingredients are not required by law to be listed on the products labels. Only preservatives added by the manufacturer to the finished cosmetic product are required to be listed.

Experience™ does not use any raw materials that are preserved with parabens and formaldehyde (also called formalin).


Recyclable, Sustainable Packaging

The folks at Experience™ understand that packaging is almost, if not as important as the ingredients used to formulate their products. They use materials that are not only recyclable but easier to recycle.

The products are also ergonomically packaged for ease of use. If all of that isn’t enough, they have designed the containers to dispense all of the contents, so their is virtually no waste.

Sold By Professionals Only

Experience™ products cannot be purchased in large chain stores, but only at select professional salons across the country.

This ensures that only an educated stylist or salon representative can prescribe the Experience™ product that is right for you or your client.


Bourgeois Boheme


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“We believe that one should not trade ethics for fashion, nor sacrifice style for conscience.” That’s the Bourgeois Boheme credo. Bourgeois Boheme (Bo Bo) is a compassionate fashion boutique with an internet presence and a retail showroom in Richmond, London.

Bo-Bo’s business model takes the spherical approach, focusing on humans, animals and the environment. All of their merchandise is vegan, eco-friendly, and bears the “Fair Trade mark.” All this, and they make it look sooooo good!

Chic Is In The Bag!


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The Vegan Queen Collection is the upscale handbag line created by Princess and former fashion model Evelina Kulikovsky.

Princess of Romanov and descendant of musical and artistic excellence, Evelina is an accomplished classical pianist and opera singer as well as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Disappointed with the lack of an availability of handbags that would compliment her compassionate vegan lifestyle, Evelina drew upon the skill set she acquired at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and used her keen artistic eye and innate fashion sense to launch the Vegan Queen line of handbags and accessories.

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Home, Sweet Home!


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Premium Minimalist Living!

Self-sustaining homes? zeroHouse makes this look good! zeroHouse generates its own electricity with   that produce power and store it in an on board bank of batteries. Fully charged, zeroHouse can operate for up to one week with no sunlight at all.

zeroHouse collects its own water with a rain water collection plane that gathers and diverts water into an elevated 2700 gallon cistern. All plumbing fixtures are gravity fed eliminating the need for power consuming pumps. zeroHouse processes its own waste products with a digester unit located beneath the house. It converts waste into clean, dry compost that needs to be removed just twice a year.

zeroHouse is completely automatic. All functions are monitored by an array of sensors and regulated by a “house brain” that can be controlled by a laptop computer. And it is also fully customizable for personal usage patterns.