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Zero Motorcycles is set to change the way two-wheelers affect us and the planet.

All the fun, more of the power and none of the noise!

That’s what Zero Motorcycles offers with their varied range of bikes, from the street, to the trail, to the dirt track.

Zero Motorcycles proprietary Z-Force™ electric powertrain and aircraft-grade aluminum frame make their bikes lighter and faster than gas-powered motorcycles. 

012712-2012-zero-motorcyclesA Zero motorcycle will produce less than one-eighth of the CO2 pollution per mile at the power plant than a gas-powered motorcycle. It will also produce 1/100th of the smog causing nitrous oxides.



Electric motors constantly produce 100% torque straight off the line, giving you immediate throttle response and serious performance.


Second-generation lithium-ion cells mean little chance of thermal runaway.

The 2013 lineup boasts a 99% average increase in power and the Zero S has an estimated range of 137 miles per charge in the city.

All of the new models offer the option of quick charging (95 percent in an hour or less) with CHAdeMO charge stations.

Total domination in an off-road race with gas-powered bikes. Watch…

So, what’s the cost to run one of these babies? About a penny a mile! More Eco Go- Go for your buck!