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The mined-diamond industry has enjoyed a long history of prosperity and until relatively recently has managed to keep “the man behind the curtain” hidden.thumb

The conflict perpetuating, eco-system compromising industry’s weak foundation has in effect been exposed.

Man-made, cultured or cultivated diamonds are physically and optically identical and are a viable rival to naturally occurring ones. The two are only distinguishable by a gemologist with a spectroscope.


  • Cultivated diamonds are grown under controlled laboratory conditions avoiding the disruption of the earth’s layers of stratified rock to extract geologically-grown diamonds.
  • Man-made diamonds are by consequence “conflict-free” as the manufacturing process eliminates the possibility of human rights abuses and of profits being used to wage war.

Created-Diamonds.com is being featured here on Ecoposh not only because their diamonds are lab-grown and conflict free, but also for their efforts to be a green company.

Created-Diamonds.com‘s network and website are maintained by HostGator, the first and only “green” server maintenance company that exclusively uses wind-powered energy.


To reduce energy consumption as well as neutralize environmental impact, wind energy is used for both cooling and powering the servers.

The great distances that mined-diamonds have to be shipped (usually from Africa) from the source to the customer has an equally long paper trail.

By comparison, Created-Diamonds.com has a much more streamlined process that drastically reduces not only printing waste but saves millions of acres of trees each year. 

Grown from graphite, a carbon allotrope, all of our cultured diamonds are formed in High Pressure High Temperature conditions similar to those necessary for geological diamond growth.

Because of this unique process, all lab-grown gemstones possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties of earth-mined diamonds and are different only because they are cultivated in a lab and not under the earth’s crust.

Certified by the world’s most respected gemological authorities, our diamonds are not imitations, but genuine diamonds.