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Welcome to the not-so-humble abode that has the distinction of being the world’s first truly green certified mansion, Acqua Liana.

This is the first ultra-luxury home to obtain triple “green” certification through the U.S. Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Coalition and Energy Star for Homes.

So, by default, the home is LEED-H (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes) certified.

A few of Acqua Liana’s green features include:
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  • Solar panels, insulative characteristics, environmentally conscious lighting, ultra-high efficient appliances and air-conditioning that cut down on electrical consumption by nearly 60%. On certain days the home will be energy neutral, and will generate enough electricity to run two average size homes.
  • A system that collects runoff water from the r
    oof and fills the water garden. The system collects enough reusable water to fill the average size swimming pool every 20 days.
  • Ultra-high efficient air-conditioning and purification systems that make the home’s indoor air quality 2x cleaner than a hospital’s operating room.
  • Use of enough reclaimed and renewable wood to save over 10.5 acres of rain forest. Renewable woods used regenerate at an average rate of every 5 years vs. every 50 years for many hardwoods (one species of Columbian guada bamboo used regenerates by growing 90 feet in a single year!).
  • During construction over 340,000 pounds of debris and trash was recycled. Over 75% of all debris was diverted, and will never reach a landfill.
  • An automated “bio-feedback” system that allows the owner to monitor resource consumption in real time. (source: http://frank-mckinney.com/)

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Acqua Liana flaunts 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, 24-foot oceanfront sheeting water walls, a double-helix glass staircase and glass water floors. (pictured right and below).Acqua-Liana-designrulz-000

The eco-friendly crib is cradled on 1.6 acres of pristine oceanfront property in Manalapan Beach, Florida.

The master bedroom is 2,180 sq. ft. with his/hers baths, and boasts an astonishing view of the Atlantic Ocean.Acqua-Liana-designrulz-002

Mahogany soaking tub for the lady of the house.

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The kitchen sports a 10′ water wall and is partially ensconced by a 2,000 gallon salt water fish tank.

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acqua liana

The foyer commands your attention with a 9-foot hand-blown multi-color glass chandelier (672 individual pieces) that “melts” into the reflecting pool below.

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This home is yet another example of how one can live in luxurious excess and be environmentally correct!