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Eco-innovator Fisker Automotive prowls on to the 2012 market with maverick style, ecology consciousness and sheer naked luxury.

After all is said, the total vegan man has to get from one point to another in style, right? The Eco-Chic™ model is totally devoid of animal-derived products!

Behold the 2012 Fisker Karma. The chef-d’oeuvre of Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Automotive.

The elegant lines of windswept sand dunes and the muscular grace of a cheetah inspired the design of the Fisker Karma. The design team’s inspiration were also led by the understanding of the principles of order, and the harmony of opposing structures, textures and elements.

The command center was designed with a touchscreen interface for seamless governance of the premium audio, navigation, iPod™Bluetooth™ and climate control systems.

The interior features Rescued Wood™ salvaged from trees damaged in the 2007 Southern California wildfires.The Karma’s seating foam is sourced from soy-based bio fiber, while the carpet backing is made from recycled post consumer materials.

For the compassionate as well as eco-conscious driver, Fisker offers the animal-free Eco-Chic™ package option. It features 100% post-industry virgin textile Premium Eco Suede™.

The Karma utilizes a solar-panel roof to extend its range for up to 200 additional miles.

Fisker’s patented EVer™ technology powers dual electric wheel motors with an electric generator and battery pack to extend the range of electric driving an additional 50 miles. Then, the wheel motors are powered by the internal gasoline combustion engine for an additional 250. (The gasoline engine is never used to power the plug-in hybrid. Only the wheel motors).

The EVer™ unit uses a lithium-ion battery system in conjunction with the 2.0 liter 260 HP 4-cylinder direct injection motor that can propel the Karma from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds at a top speed of 125 mph.