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The young upstart venture, Gunas Handbags is the brainchild of designer Sugandh Agrawal, whose aim is to epitomize the shared EcoChiq mantra of “treading lightly in luxurious excess” by crafting high-quality handbags that are animal and eco-friendly.

“We take great pride in epitomizing Eco-Veganism and promoting Ethical Consumerism through Fashion”.

Sugandh started Gunas in 2009, but the foundation of the concept was laid during her Masters program in Design Management at Pratt Institute in New York.

Her passion for design and compassion for the environment and animals drives the unique aesthetic of the Gunas brand. There are no animal-derived by-products in the entire line of stellar handbags.

Gunas merchandise is produced in limited quantities to promote conscious-consumption and ensure exclusivity.

Careful attention to detail in design and extensive research into the materials used sets the brand apart from the competition.

The animus for Sugandh’s distinctive design sensibility no doubt stems from her background as an Industrial Designer. And one of her latest collections Quantum was inspired by “sci-fi movies and the concept architecture one sees in such films”.

At GUNAS we not only use Lead/Nickel free hardware but also fabrics that are safer and better quality.

Sugandh Agrawal embodies the precept that all the beautiful, abundant rich bounty any of us could ask for is ours to enjoy without harming animals, the ecology and ostensibly ourselves. And fittingly, she receives the first Econista Of The Month Award for 2012.

(source: Delimited Addiction interview with Sugandh Agrawal)