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 Introducing the Queen of Ecocentric Style and designer to the stars, Kari Whitman. Wikipedia defines ecocentrism as “a term used in ecological political philosophy to denote a nature-centered, as opposed to human centered system of values”. Not only has Kari managed to center her creative prowess in the ecological, as well as the human-centered realms, she has added a third dynamic: Cruelty free.

Kari is the wind beneath the wings of her design company, KW Interiors and does not use any animal byproducts in her clients’ spaces.

I’m a lifelong vegetarian and feel it would be hypocritical to eat or wear something that was once a living thing, separate from myself. This is also evident in my design work; I refuse to use leather in clients’ homes, instead, finding them amazing options in faux fabrics.  Boulder gave me a strong sense of ethics and the ability to stay true to my quest in any circumstances.

Kari understands the delicate yet simple balance between personal style, responsibility to tread lightly and compassion for animals.

Kari’s moniker, “designer to the stars” is not misplaced. Her celebrity client list includes Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, Don Henley, Virginia Madsen, Emilio Estevez, Don Johnson and Kurtwood Smith to name a few.

As a result of her indomitable drive to perfect a project or take on a social issue, when Kari finds a void, she fills it. Piles of empty tester paint cans that deepen the environmental footprint inspired her to invent Wall Makeup, a do-it-yourself paint mixing kit that lets you create thousands of colors from a few small bottles of tints.

While creating a personal space for Jessica Alba’s pooch, Kari noticed a lack of stylish and eco-friendly pet beds, so she created Greener Pup with up-cycled designer covers and soft, hypoallergenic fillers made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

100% of profits from Greener Pup go to her pet (pardon the pun) project Ace Of Hearts dog rescue. In true ‘angel of mercy’ form, Ace Of Hearts rescues dogs on the day they are to be euthanized.

Kari Whitman embodies the concept of the true Econista, which is why I’m crowning her my 1st Econista Of The Month of December. Each month I will select an environmentally conscious iconoclast. If that person happens to be a man, he will so be named Econisto Of The Month.